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3 Strategies Dyslexia Tutors Use To Teach

There are several strategies used by dyslexia teachers to teach reading. According to Brown University, teachers should only focus on at most four students at a time to ensure they use a customized learning process for each student, which is important for those who need specialized attention. Here are three strategies that dyslexia teachers use to help students learn how to read.


One strategy used by  dyslexia tutors  to teach reading is to encourage students to read their favorite stories over and over. They also encourage students to read at home with their loved ones. This enables them to work on their reading confidence in a low-risk environment. Going over familiar text repeatedly also builds speed, confidence, and accuracy. This is the perfect recipe for fluency.


It might seem like the best way to help out a child who is struggling to read is to push them to work harder. However, this is an ineffective practice that won’t yield the best results. Instead, dyslexia teachers use child-centered strategies to ensure students are engaged in the process of learning how to read. This ensures that children find reading practice fun and rewarding. For example, children generally love spending time with their parents. Dyslexia teachers provide students with the right reading material that they can use at home for story hour. They also spend time reading to the students and encouraging them to read to their younger siblings at home.


This is a strategy that’s used to give students several ways to learn concepts and make connections. For instance, dyslexia tutors can use puppets, flashcards, real objects, and videos during lessons. When students engage more than one sense at a time, their brain is stimulated in several ways. The term multi-sensory, in this instance, refers to a combination of viewing, touching, listening, and physically moving around the lesson space. This is a proven strategy that helps dyslexic students learn to read faster.

These are some of the most effective strategies used by dyslexia tutors to teach students how to read. Are you interested in trying out some of these strategies for your child? Get in touch with us today at Educational Resource Associates to learn more about the services we offer.

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