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‘A Worrisome Trend’: ACT Scores Continue To Decline, Dropping To Lowest Levels In 30 Years

A graph depicting ACT Math scores - "ACT Scores Continue to Decline, dropping to lowest levels in 30 years"

Our test preparation results in top scholarships for our students. Frequently we are able to achieve perfect scores of 36!

Our one-on-one programming is a leader in test preparation. Many of the strategies we have developed specifically for the ACT can also be carried over to preparation in the SAT, LSAT, MCAT, ASVAB, nursing, and many others. 

Choosing my staff is the first component. Most importantly our staff is chosen for their personal ACT scores, which is always 30 or above. Doctors, Lawyers, scientists, and advanced math tutors are the first steps in high achievement. A variety of these tutors creates an option to match a client to a tutor. Camaraderie, communication, as well as knowledge of the subject is evident throughout our delivery. 

 In wanting to achieve only the highest level scores in a consistent manner in ACT, I have applied my diagnostic skills as a way to achieve this. Our students must first take a practice ACT. It is then administered, scored, and every item is analyzed to determine an individualized program. Such things as reading speed, vocabulary development is also carefully analyzed. We then put each answer into a category of skills as well as carefully sequencing these skills in development. For example, if difficulty is noted in pre-algebra we would teach at that level before we development of algebra and geometry. 

 Here at Educational Resource Associates, our teachers are continually trained on how to use the data and learn how to work from the data that our techniques facilitate. We use the pretest for baseline data. Immediately as a student begins to test at home. As the program is delivered the data allows us to use updated and ongoing approach. We also keep structured running records to gauge growth and give us direction to give the feedback that we need on a daily basis (see graphs)



Identifying student strengths as well as their weaknesses within the test allows clinicians to focus. Each student has their own individualized program to pave the road to success. These programs can only be administered individually with the student. 

While most students may think beginning ACT scores need to be high. Our programs allow for lower scores to be addressed also. With some patience, our students low scores can be raised by delivery of comprehension, reading, and math. This process may take more time however it can be achieved. For example, I have one client, Josie, who came in with a score of 19. After only 11 hours of instruction, she was able to raise that score to a 25. Her math score alone went from 18 to 27 and reading 16 to 23. If Josie continues to complete our program (33 hours) she will easily achieve a score in the 30’s.

In Summary, our program is not only appropriate to achieve high-level scores on the ACT.  The ACT program is also a structured build for a student who previously had background deficiencies. With the cost of tuition continuing to increase on a yearly basis,  gaining a higher score on the ACT is a way to offset declining enrollment. With the higher cost of college now interfering more than ever student scholarships are significantly more competitive. This is also important for students to graduate college with less debt. 

Located in West Des Moines, IA. Educational Resource Associates specializes in tutoring and educational services. Clear and frequent parent communication. Consultants licensed by the state of Iowa. Trained diagnostician on staff. Call today for more information.