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Why High-Dosage Tutoring Is So Effective

Do you have a student who’s struggling in school? Are you wondering if tutoring services are important for them? You may want to consider high-dosage tutoring. This tutoring strategy is one where the student and tutor meet one-on-one or in small groups at least three times per week. According to the Institute of Education Services, each tutoring session should last a minimum of 30 minutes. High-dosage tutoring is time-intensive but effective. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why this strategy may work for your child.


One of the key traits of high-dosage tutoring is that the student and tutor spend significant time together over a relatively short duration. This means that the tutor gets to know the student as an individual and can gain an understanding of how they learn. The tutor can then tailor their approach to the student’s needs. That customized, unique approach often helps students learn faster.


Another benefit of high-dosage tutoring is the relationship that the student and teacher may develop. Since they’re spending so much time together, they may form an honest and productive relationship. That can help the student find the tutor more trustworthy and credible. It’s important for the tutor to be a resource that the student sees as beneficial rather than an obstacle. They may be willing to try new techniques and strategies in the future because of the faith they have in their tutor and the amount of ground they cover together.


Perhaps the biggest benefit of high-dosage tutoring is that it can help the student make quick progress. They may see early wins by completing a challenging school assignment or performing better on a test. That can help them boost their confidence and believe that they can actually do better in school. Over time, those wins can serve as momentum for future wins and successes. Many students struggle in school not because they’re unintelligent but because they lack confidence in their abilities. They may assume that they’re incapable of learning and don’t make an effort as a result. High-dosage tutoring can help them see early success and overcome their mental blocks.

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