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Why So Many Reading Failures?


Common core language instruction teaches the reading process through the actual practice of reading and writing! For some students, this is an effective instructional method. Most often these students (usually girls) are self-taught, highly motivated, and can easily memorize vocabulary.

For many more primary-age children, this approach is a disaster! These students are often misdiagnosed as learning disabilities, ADD, dyslexic and unmotivated. These struggling youngsters, simply need a method of unlocking (decoding) a word. Intensive systematic phonics will take a frustrated reader to a very competent and confidential student.

Admittedly, some schools today are adding phonics. Unfortunately, phonic skills may not be intensive or in the correct sequence for mastery. Don’t be fooled systematic, intense phonics appropriately taught can result in reading achievement for every child.

Many good parents feel they are responsible for their child’s reading failure. They blame themselves for not reading to their children enough or poor reading genetics! They frequently overlook the factor that reading failure is likely caused by sight reading programs. When I suggest a student needs phonics, parents are concerned that it will confuse their children! Actually, phonics acts as a decoding device to unlock sight reading resulting in a proficient reader.

It has been my experience that every child with appropriate instruction can become a confident and successful reader!

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